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Project Description
Scheme Editor is a assembly for creating apps, such as simulink, robotics developer studio etc.

This is a Free and Open-source library, you can use and modife it.

  • Creating and ease calculating some schemes;
  • Add, delete, copy, cut, past elements on the scheme;
  • Move, rotate, change size, connect, allocate elements on the scheme;
  • Create and using own graphic's elements;
  • Create and using own functions for calculation;

.NET Framework v 3.5 ( for using)
Visual Studio 2008 (for development)

Created with
C# language, XML db, WPF

  • Download and extract
  • Add SchemeEditor & CustomElement library to you app (Compile project and add assemblies or add project's);
  • Add to you XAML Canvas for create scheme
    Title="Window1" Height="575" Width="1000"
<Grid x:Name="Layout">
<local:ContainerCanvas x:Name="MainCanvas" Margin="213,40,20,20" />
  • Now you can add element to the schema using MoveElements or AddElement functions
Rectangle rect = new Rectangle() { width = 100, Height }
this.MainCanvas.AddElement(rect, new Point(20, 20));
  • Modify element's using some Function of ContainerCanvas;
    • For copy - CopyAllActiveElements();
    • For delete - RemoveAllActiveElements();
    • etc.
  • Create your own Graph element (use for this some interface in SchemaEditor)
  • Create your function for calculating (use interface from CustoElement project)
  • For more detail information look documentation#

Some info
documentation in developing


For developers
We accept your help in development. Take it easy.
Thank you for your support!

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